About Us

Isaac and Isabel are the Ballard children, “the Dren.”  The Dren are the business’s inspiration and purpose.  As they grow, their parents wanted to teach them about business, finances, working as a team, and giving back.   Isaac & Isabel, Inc. is a family’s desire to make life easier on other working families—both those able to spend a little to outsource shopping and those struggling to make ends meet. 


Subscribers no longer have to think about making sure their kids have the clothes they need in the right size for the current weather.  They also get an easy way to clean out their kids’ closets every season, knowing those clothes are going to a second home where they are deeply appreciated.  All without ever leaving the house or sacrificing quality time.


Caleb and Sarah Ballard are federal government managers with stressful jobs in national security.  Caleb has an MBA.  Sarah is a lawyer.  They met while serving their country in Afghanistan, got married days after making it home, and have been building a life in Northern Virginia ever since.


Fast forward five years and two children later, the Ballards know a lot about streamlining the mechanics of daily life.  At one point, Sarah started working nights as a White House intelligence briefer because the 2am to 4pm schedule was better for the family than her previous job.  One afternoon she walked into Isabel’s room, realized she had no clothes in the next size ready to go, and Isaac & Isabel, Inc. was born!


We created Isaac & Isabel, Inc. to make our free time into quality time for our family. We hope to make clothing all children easier and more socially and environmentally responsible.